After uninstalling Firefox, YAST keeps trying to reinstall it!

I uninstalled Firefox (I prefer installing it myself via download for different reasons). but everytime I go into YAST and do anything, it adds MozillaFirefox to the installation summary! How do I stop this?

Go to hast and black list it . It is a recommended program so it does want to come. There is also an option in Yast to stop adding any recommended packages

And in this particular case you should also uninstall mozilla-kde4-integration if it is installed.
This package wants to have a Mozilla package installed, so you’ll get Thunderbird installed instead if you try to uninstall MozillaFirefox.

How do I blacklist it?

right click it it is obvious

I think that what gogalthorp meant is that you have to right click the application in YAST and mark it as “taboo”.:wink:

I simply installed the version from vendor obs:// (for both Thunderbird and for Firefox ESR), then disabled that repo, and extracted the version downloaded from Mozilla over top. kde4-integration and upstream branding are still installed, but the only updating is done directly from Mozilla’s update channel through the update option inside Firefox and Thunderbird.

I also chose the "Ignore Recommended Packages … " in Yast.

Yast or Zypper do not attempt to change me back at all.