After tumbleweed update command line music player no longer working

Prior to a tumbleweed update I had tizonia ( a command line music player installed as a snap) working

when I issue command to bring up a song (which was working prior to update) I am now getting following error

code: tizonia --youtube-audio-search “dire straits sultan of swing”

/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine: error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object

Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

I’m not sure this will help.

Using Yast Software Management, I did a search for “” with the “filelist” box checked. That showed packages “libmount1” and “libmount1-32bit” as possibly having files that match.

I then checked “/var/log/zypp/history”, and searched for “libmount”. Those packages were both updated today on my system – that would be snapshot 20181117.

I guess your program is not compatible with the new version of those packages. Maybe it just needs to be recompiled. I don’t know where you go from here to get it working again.

How did you update?

I did update (zypper up) and a dist upgrade (zypper dup)

In TW zupper dup is the one and only command to use. Never use zypper up in TW

I have same problem. I got same error after properly upgrading system (zypper dup).

Unless you’re having a problem with exactly the same app (tizonia) and approx the same time as the @OP,
You should not assume that your problem is same as the @OP and so should open your own new thread.


It seems they’re related because AFAIK it’s happening to snap applications after the last TW update. AFAICS, all snap applications were affected.

If you think something is broken with snap support, then maybe a bug report is appropriate.

FWIW I’m working on a native openSUSE Tumbleweed package…

tizonia --youtube-audio-search "dire straits sultan of swing"

tizonia 0.15.0. Copyright (C) 2018 Juan A. Rubio
This software is part of the Tizonia project <> 'Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing'.
.... : 'dire straits sultan of swing'.
   Diablo4643 : Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
     Stream # : 1 of 150
     YouTube Id : 0fAQhSRLQnM
     Duration : 05m:47s
     File Format : webm
     Bitrate : 160k
     Size : 5 MiB
     View Count : 47705028
     Description : Released: 1978From the album: Dire StraitsMark Knopfler - Vocals, Lead GuitarDavid Knopfler - Rhythm Guitar John Illsley - Bass
     Published : 2012-04-29 22:15:20
     Opus Stream : 2 Ch, 48000 Hz
     2 Ch, 48 KHz, 16:s:l 
   0%   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90   100%
0s |----|----|----|----|----|----|----|----|----|----| 5m:47s

Seems a few of the python packages need building as well… pafy fuzzywuzzy, just used pip2 to install temporarily.

No spotify support in it, need to see about libspotify, but as can be seen above is working for me…

The snap team just released a fix for this issue.

Yes I can confirm … an update to snapd …and tizonia is working!!

My issue is resolved

I’m glad to hear it is working.

And thanks for reporting back. That’s thanks to both chocoelho and klebane.

Sounds like it’s all sorted on the snap side now…

Anyway, a native build is available for testing here, seems to be working fine so far;

For those that want to try it, just add my testing repo, zypper in tizonia and it will pull in the dependent packages required. Once installed disable the testing repo.

zypper ar -f -g -n "openSUSE-Tumbleweed-OBS" repo-obs-testing
zypper ref
zypper in tizonia
zypper mr -d -R repo-obs-testing