After today's updates double netmanager cons on taskbar

I am running the Mate desktop on Tumbleweed and today after a bunch of updates, there is now
two icons for netmanager on my taskbar. I would upload a small screenshot but don’t know how to
do that.
I only suspect it’s because of the updates as I made no other changes.

@mccfrank Hi, 7th icon from the left is the upload an image button…
Screenshot from 2023-01-02 08-55-28

Have you rebooted the system after the update? I’m assuming your using zypper dup to move to the next snapshot?

Yes the system has been rebooted, and yes using zypper dup to upgrade. Maybe a Mate problem ? For screenshots I see no icon which looks like the one you pointed out. Maybe my trust level is too low?

@mccfrank if you create a test user and log in as the test user, does the issue duplicate? If it doesn’t, then a user config issue, else a system issue and likely a bug.

I will do that and see what happens. Thanks. Should have thought about that first :slight_smile:

Created Mr. Test. No double icon, and then when I logged back into my regular account, double icons were gone, back to just one. Sorry for the noise but I have no idea of what went on. Thanks for reminding me to double check with a new user!

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