After todays update Font Sizes etc broken

After I ran todays update the system defaulted to smallest font sizes for everything and I mean everything. Titles, menus, general text etc. It also defaulted all application windows to a super small size but it did let me change those. The Font prefs for both apps and system are still have the same settings as they should and changing them no longer effects the font sizes. This is for system fonts and apps such as Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird etc. I am vision impaired so this really sucks.
If I go back to the previous snapshot everything is fine. Only happens with todays update.
Any ideas?


How did you update ? If not by ‘zypper dup’ , then do upgrade again, this time using ‘zypper dup’.

And, when this does not apply, please let know a bit more, such as Desktop Environment used, graphics card involved, screen resolution etc,.

I used ‘zypper dup’ as usual…

Graphic card GeForce GT-730 (using latest Nvidia driver)
KDE Plasma

And again, previous snapshot still works fine.

Then it’s likely that the driver is not working, as it doesn’t support the latest kernel 4.16 yet.

You either need to patch it, or stick to the previous kernel for now. (you should be able to boot it in “Advanced Options” in the boot menu)

See also and other threads here like e.g.

Yes, I’ve been using the previous snapshot after I ran into that problem. I guess I will just continue doing that until the updated NVidia driver comes available over regular updates.


That would be the wisest thing to do, I guess.

Well, I see no need to “revert” all updates. Just booting the previous kernel should be enough.
But whatever. :wink:

Just as a follow up… Todays update with the new NVidia driver fixed my problems.


Well that didn’t last very long. Todays kernel update broke NVidia again. Back to using previous kernel for now.

It’s probably not the kernel update per se that broke it though.

Apparently the repos are in an inconsistent state currently (in particular regarding the kernel packages), see also…-4-16-2-nvidia and .