After today's update can't use GUI

I recovered the system but still can’t use GUI even with login. But I can when use to boot from a snapshot. How can I repair?
Mesa was in the update - maybe it was broken.

There are known bugs for NVidia and Radeon users: has a workaround for NVidia for Radeon might use the same workaround

I’m using the 510 nvidia driver and I added the recommended initcall to the boot parameters and everything went back to normal. Before I did this, Wayland would start but was unusable with a flickering screen and items in the panel disappearing. I also had some problems in Xorg with VLC crashing when playing videos.

Is it safe now to make updates?

When zypper refresh; zypper se -s kernel-default | egrep -v ‘extra|opt|base|live|debug|devel|srcp|openSUSE-20’ | egrep ‘x86|noarch’| sort shows a kernel newer than 5.16.8 has become available, then the time is right to allow a kernel upgrade. If you lock the kernel, it should be safe to allow everything unlocked to upgade before that happens. A 5.16.10 kernel is expected soon, but NVidia driver users may need to wait for a following driver update.

There was, I updated with the recommended **simpleDrm **disabling .