After suspend/sleep can't login

Hey anyone.

I have problem, when my opensuse desktop 13.1 suspend > sleep or lockscreen I can’t to login, the form of login is lose.

How to fix it? I was try upgrade my kernel-desktop to 3.13 version but same:’(

I use 13.1 with KDE, 4.12.2 in my case but same for 4.11 I believe.
Can not comment on Gnome or others DEs

I believe what you are saying is that your user password does not unlock the screen locker.

I normally shut of screenlocker password - but that may not be good for your situation.

To turn off screen locker password

  1. Kill KDM with Alt-Ctl-Backspace, this should get you back to the loging greeter screen.
  2. Login
  3. Open System Settings-Display and Monitor- Screen Locker
  4. Deselect the Require password after Radio button, then Apply

Also, open System Settings-Power Management-Advanced Settings
Deselect Lock Screen on Resume checkbox

maybe it’s problem in kernel-desktop 3.11

I don’t think so; I am running 3.11.10-9 (due to issues with Bluetooth and Sleep)

What DE are your running?

Are you sure you know what your user passwd is?
If you use auto-login, it can be easy to forget.

I use KDE 4.11.5, my problem not about password. But can’t login because no login session after suspend.

JFYI, kernel 3.11.10 has been released as official online update today, so you might want to switch back to the one from the update repo.

Could you try to explain the problem more clearly please?
Is your password not accepted?
Is it not possible to type it in?
Do you maybe only get a black screen after resume?

If it’s the latter, there might be some BIOS settings that could help. Or kernel options like acpi_osi, see here:

After get up from suspend. my desktop only wallpaper and cursor, look no login display.

Ok, so apparently the screen is locked, but there’s no password dialog?

Did you try already what cmcgrath5035 suggested in his first post? (the reply to your initial post)

Sounds like this:

But I can’t reproduce this here.
Does it work when you create a new user?

Maybe try to change the “Ask password after” setting in “Configure Desktop”->“Display and Monitor”->Screenlocker (i.e. enable/disable it, and change the time out value)

I will use slightly different terminology here, because it sounds to me like you are not actually returning from suspend fully, and that your screen is “frozen” (my terminology), not “locked” which to me implies that the screen locker has been activated.

To be specific, When your system correctly returns from suspend, you get a Screen Locker or not, depending on your settings.
If you get a screen locker, your password will unlock it. You do not get a “login” screen or dialog.
However, what you are experiencing sounds to me like a failure to fully return from resume, after suspend.

I realize we my be operating in 2 or three languages here (with translation), the details here can be difficult to identify.

You might benefit from reviewing THIS THREAD
My problem was different than yours, but the forum discussion revealed that pm-utilities is on the way out and the kernel and Upower will take over suspend/resume management in the future.
In post 13 of the thread I summarize how I removed pm-utilities and verified that they were no longer needed.

To help you with a failure to resume after suspend, we will probably need at least the following info from you:

  1. What DE (KDE, GNOME, etc)?
  2. What hardware (CPU, chipset, etc)?
  3. Are pm-utilities installed? If so, have to reviewed /var/log/pm-suspend.log for suspend/resume errors messages?
  4. You can also execute “dmesg” in a console window, look for suspend/resume diagnostic messages
  5. Are you sleeping (STR) or hibernating (STD) your system? If STD, is your swap partition at least as large as your installed RAM?
  6. Any past history with your hardware - sleep OK with other Linux or Windows?
  7. Sometimes proprietary video drivers are a problem - what video device and driver are you running?

As a general statement, I have found that STR works well on several different hardware platforms running 13.1, but that is no guarantee it does without help(tweaks) on yours.

Yes, and that’s exactly what I mean.
It seems to me that the screen locker has been activated (i.e. the screen is locked), but it doesn’t show any password dialog.
And that’s exactly what that bug report is about.

He says he sees the “desktop wallpaper” and the mouse cursor. The screen locker uses the default desktop wallpaper as background image.
Oh, and he already wrote that he uses KDE 4.11.5.

My laptop spec: HP Pavilion Dm1-4000 Amd Apu E450,

OK, reread thread and bug again and agree with wolfi.
I sort of recall that the “Lock on resume from STR” did work when I first upgraded to 13.1 from 12.3.
The default 13.1 settings had it turned on, I just decided I did not want the screen locker activated.
Bug seems to date back to Dec 2013, which is before I upgraded,…?

FYI, I have in the past had resume from STR fail with the wallpaper displayed, the mouse cursor active but desktop otherwise useless without a full restart of kdm. But not recently with 13.1.

And yep, missed the KDE 4.11.5 in Post#5

Experiment: Since my recollection and experience does not match alakulihal’s, I turned “Lock Screen on Resume” back on on my HPDV7 Laptop. I put the system to sleep, then resume and all works as expected( I get the unlock dialog window and it works).
Rereading the bug a third time, it specifies the 4.11 branch.
I moved to KDE 4.12 immediately on upgrade to 13.1(was running 12.3/4.12.0 prior) so apparently this bug was fixed in KDE 4.12

So it would appear alakulihal has two options until the bug is fixed

  1. Stay with KDE 4.11 and turn OFF “Lock Screen on Resume”.
  2. Switch to KDE 4.12 using the KDE Upstream Repos (Core and Extras) where the bug does not appear (for me)
    My experience with 4.12 has been good, but as always, others might have a different experience

Thanks for your options. maybe I want wait a update for 4.11 version with disable suspend options

No. The screen locker is part of kdebase4-workspace, and there is no 4.12 version of that.
The KR412 repo does contain a newer version now (4.11.6 got released together with KDE 4.12.2, and will be released as update for 13.1 as well), but AFAIK there was absolutely no change regarding the screen locker.

And it should in fact work with 4.11.4 as well. That bug was introduced when fixing the issue that the password dialog was always shown even if no password was needed (present since 4.10). But it was fixed on the same day. Still, some people do seem to have that problem.

I think this may be caused by an invalid screen locker configuration.
So can you please try the things I suggested earlier?
Especially try with a new user. And trying to play with the screen locker settings.
Or maybe it’s enough to just remove/rename the screen locker configuration:
In that case it might be helpful to post the old non-working config to see why the problem occured.

I finally could reproduce this now, see:

Apparently this only happens with the automatic suspend feature (after some idle time) in KDE’s power management settings, so you might want to turn that off until that is fixed.

wolfi323 I finally could reproduce this now, see:
Wolfi323’s Comments in Bug:
I can reliably reproduce this here on openSUSE 13.1 with KDE 4.11.5. As mentioned, the password dialog is missing after resume if you have automatic suspend activated in KDE’s power management settings and let that timeout happen. When suspending manually, it shows up fine. To reproduce, enter KDE’s systemsettings->Power Management, enable “Suspend Session” (set the “After” time value to 1 min. to make it easier to test) and set the action to “Sleep”, “Hibernate”, or “Lock Screen”. Then wait for the set time. The system will suspend, and if you turn it on again, the screen is locked and the password dialog missing. Killing “kscreenlocker_greet” in a text console makes the dialog showup again.

Just FYI, after reading this I followed your test procedure here and let my Laptop (13.1/KDE4.12.2) put itself to sleep.
On resume, I have no issues with locked screen.
To be clear, in System Settings - Display & Monitor-Screen Locker - I have Screen Locker disabled (unchecked), which greys out the ‘Require password after’ selection box

I can think of at least three possibilities

  1. Disabling Screen Locker also resolves this
  2. KDE 4.12.2 does not have this issue
  3. Something else is going on…

I reread the Full bug again, so will also note that I also have 'Lock Screen on resume" disabled (un-checked) in System Settings-Power Management-Advanced Settings. I’ll assume that this is equivalent to, or the same as, “in power devil advanced settings… lock screen on resume is set….” in Comment #3 of the bug report.

I just tried. Disabling the Screen Locker/Screensaver did indeed fix it here as well. (I’m pretty sure there was no change in the screen locker code in 4.11.6 that could fix this :wink: )
Thanks for the information!

Strange enough, after enabling it again, I could not reproduce the issue anymore!
But after a little more experimentation, I’m quite sure now that it (only) happens if the screenlocker/screensaver kicks in before the suspend. So if you set the timeout in the power management settings to 1 min., you have to set the “Start After” to 1min. as well to reproduce it.

If the screen locker/screen saver is configured to “Require password after:” this will of course show the dialog after the specified time.
So two more workarounds would be:

  • Activate “Require password after:” (and maybe set a lower time for that)
  • Set the “Start After” time to a value higher than the timeout in the power management settings, so that the screen locker does not kick in before the suspend.

Sorry, my edit time window timed out, continuing below AND I did not see wolfi’s post just before this.

So I Re-ran wolfi’s quick test with the ‘Lock Screen on resume’ enabled (checked) in System Settings-Power Management-Advanced Settings.
The system slept after 1 minute.
Upon resume, I do see the Screen Unlock dialog, accepted my user password and returned to normal.

I continue to believe this bug does not exist in KDE 4.12.2

You’re right. If “lock screen on resume” is disabled in the advanced power management settings, there’s no problem of course, as you don’t have to enter a password.

Except if you set the action to “Lock Screen” instead of sleep/hibernate, in that case you have to enter the password even when “lock screen on resume” is disabled, and stumble over this problem as well.

But maybe you should set the screen locker to “Automatically start after” 2min and the suspend timeout to 1min to be able to reproduce this.

I accidentally created a new thread here:

because I’d only skimmed this discussion and hadn’t seen that it turned out it was only idle timeout + suspend that resulted in the screen lock not having password.