After standby there is no login box

Suse 13.1 x64 on AMD A8 APU

If the powesaving comes in, for example standby, when resuming I’m left with the topbar and the volume controls but no login box to input password and no way to resume system activity, only way is hitting ctrl alt f1 and do a reboot.
Now I know there is a similar problem on KDE and if I remember correctly there is a patch already but my problem is on Gnome.
I have collected some log files if they are useful in diagnosing the issue.
In KDE you have options to configure screenlocker to somewhat prevent this but I can find such config tool in GNOME.

Here are the logs:

GDM Log -
PM Suspend Log -
Xorg Log -
Powersave log is empty
Messages log -

I seem to recall that this happened to me. So I used CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (twice) to crash the X session, and then logged in again.

After some frustration with this happening, I accidentally discovered that all I had to do was hit ENTER and a login box would appear.

Hmm, I will try that, but as far as I remebered I pressed all the keys on my keyboard :)).