After setting nomodeset Cannot reboot system

I have an Nvidia GT9600 card and want to load the Nvidia drivers.
As per the 1 click install I set nomodeset and installed the drivers from 1 click.
On reboot, well there was’nt a reboot just got a blank monitor, no BIOS screen, nothing.
After stuffing around with my system for about 1 hour clearing CMOS and unplugging and re-plugging just about everything I managed to get my system back.

Have re-installed 11.3 but am nervous about doing this again
Can anyone offer any assistance or shed some light on this?

I do not like the New Neuoveaux (or however you spell it) Graphics drivers, get some wierd artifacts on my monitor?

So when using openSUSE 11.3, we don’t recommend you use the 1-click method as far as I am aware of. I suggest you read the following information.

You should look at this document before proceeding on…

SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

Then, take a look at the procedure I used to install the nVidia driver as I installed openSUSE 11.3:

  1. During the install, when you have the option to change your booting setup, I add nomodeset to the kernel load command for the normal load/start of openSUSE. This kernel startup option is already present for the Failsafe selection for openSUSE.
  2. During the first start of openSUSE, I download the latest nVidia Video driver to the downloads folder.
  3. I change/save the System/Kernel option NO_KMS_IN_INITRD from “No” to “Yes” in the /etc/sysconfig Editor in Yast.
  4. I do an update of openSUSE on the first run of openSUSE and then a restart/reboot.
  5. In grub OS selection I add the command line option “3” to the openSUSE start line so that I just go to the run level three terminal prompt.
  6. I login in as root and change to the /home/user/Downloads folder.
  7. I run/install the NVIDIA video driver using “sh ./” and answer all questions as appropriate for my system.
  8. Type in reboot at terminal prompt to restart the system with new video driver.

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OK - Stop looking I found it.

First OpenSuse do have a 1 click Nvidia install for 11.3 here >> SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

I read the Warning and made the changes needed and had the troubles I had.

What I found was that when I set “nomodeset” Whatever resolution the system switches to at reboot is outside of the range of my monitor which has a native resolution of 1920x1080 so no image - I don’t fully understand this as I thought my Monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 2333) could pretty much handle this stuff, so if anyone can explain I would be greatfull.

I simply Plugged my system into my spare monitor with a much lower native resolution and I could see the screen again. The system then asked me what resolution I would like to switch to, I switched to 1024x768 which was enough to complete the Nvidia Driver install manually and there is was. (Oh Dopey me!)

Anyhow I have used the Manual method to install the latest drivers from Nvidia’s website using this post >> Nvidia for Newbies part 1

And using “nomodeset” - which is not mentioned in the post but needed nevertheless.

So thanks for the response, Hope this helps someone else who encounters the same.


Thanks for sharing your experineces here jmdl. I’m sure others having trouble with their monitor display modes prior to installing the nvidia driver may find this useful.