After s2ram unknown process drains battery


I’m using Tumbleweed on a LenovoT420s. After s2ram powertop shows:

100 %      Audio codec hwC0D0: Conexant

And the fan is above 4000 rpm.

After s2disk this “device” is not shown and the notebook is very quiet.

Any ideas to get rid of this thing would be very welcome,



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To answer my own question:

It seems that an audio process can not go into a powersave state. I started powertop and found out that switching “Enable Audio codec power management” from “bad” to “good” did the trick.

Alsamixer shows under system information, /proc/asound/pcm “00-00: CONEXANT Analog : CONEXANT Analog : playback 1 : capture 1”. Whatever that means, I’d really like to know how to set that playback and capture to 0. Anybody here with knowledge of alsa?