after reinstall, lots of flashing on screen, esp. when mouse is moving and min/max/move of windows

This is really odd - I’ve installed Leap 15.3 many times on this particular laptop (HP ZBook 15; Intel video + discrete nVidia GK208GLM Quadro K610M, BtrFS on two drives) and never seen this display problem before! I’ve heard of image “tear/shear protection” but I’ve never used that before. I have no idea how this can happen, software-wise and I kinda doubt it’s a sudden hardware problem (too coincident with a reinstall).

I imagine this might be helped by dedicating my install to the nVidia display only and using the nVidia driver. Alternatively, I could go through the hours-long reinstall process.

I’m pretty sure actually troubleshooting would be very difficult and require Deep Magic (or maybe just a Silver Bullet).

What’s the/a command-line syntax to provide the necessary information?

EDIT: Doesn’t happen on laptop display…

EDIT2: Doesn’t happen if booted to laptop display then connecting displayport cable to 1080p monitor…

(a poor cable connection isn’t very Deep Magic… rotfl!)

Sorry - weird - random boot problem and/or parametrically loose/dirty DP/HDMI cable connections? Problem seems gone. :shame:

I suspect adding the monitor added some automatic configuration so it knew what to do with the ports (active) present…

A Contact Cleaner spray can is often one of the more useful intermittent issue solvers … >:)

  • Apart from, a (very
    ) soft pencil eraser to solve some of the really stubborn issues … >:) >:) >:)

Haha - ya - I’m really sure it wasn’t’ actually the cable. I don’t know what it was (it was tied to mouse movement somehow, and mostly Firefox). I had to use that eraser trick the other day on a memory stick in one of my Dell R820 servers running a climate simulation. I was terrified that something was really wrong… POST reported a failed “training” (?) on one memory module and I got really lucky - I pulled the dimm and remember what Herb told me back in 1980’s about cleaning the contacts with a soft eraser. I also blew out the slot and put the dimm back in and it worked. Bullet Dodged! rotfl!

Thanks for the reminder of Herb. Such a nice guy. Very casual about computers. Gave me a Cromemco/Cromix computer at my first real job, back when I was larval…

There was a Firefox patch today – openSUSE-SLE-15.3-2022-136.

  • It seems to have fixed some sluggish Firefox behaviour here …