after reboot plasma theme is not remembered and Air theme result selected

if I go to [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > desktop theme] and I choose breeze then click on apply it works, but after reboot I found that AIR theme result selected, so I have again to choose breeze theme.
is there a way to make breeze theme permanent??
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

my system is running plasma 5.6.2:
PC=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
upgraded 13.2 to leap 42.1, using wolfi repos. I’m running KDE 4.14.18 and plasma 5.6.2, KDE frameworks 5.21.0, KDE applications 16.03.90, Kernel 4.1.15-8-default

Of course there is, and actually breeze should be the default. So that you have Air shows that it’s possible… :wink:

If Plasma doesn’t “remember” the theme you set, it might be because of two reasons, I suppose:

  • Plasma crashes on exit and therefore the config change is not saved
  • The config file is corrupted somehow and Plasma gets confused

So, does switching the theme work on a fresh user account?

Removing ~/.config/plasmarc should “fix” the problem I think, and even switch to breeze (as that’s the default). You should not even lose anything, as this file basically just contains the theme settings.

You could also post the file, maybe I can spot an error.


I tried with a fresh new user, the behaviour is the same:
if I have [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > look and feel]=breeze then [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > desktop theme] is breeze by default and cannot be changed permanently, it works only for the active session
if I have [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > look and feel]=oxygen then [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > desktop theme] is air by default and cannot be changed permanently, it works only for the active session

I removed ~/.config/plasmarc but the behaviour doesn’t change.
the file contains this:


if I change the file in this way:

or Breeze

it seems to works, the breeze theme seems to works and it is permanent, (I say that breeze theme seems to works, becouse I want breeze theme becouse the selection in the kickoff is more visible than in air theme, and it result like the breeze theme)
but no theme, neither breeze, result selected in [systemsettings (Version 5.6.2) >worspace theme > desktop theme]
and if I select a theme the previous behaviour reappear, after login air theme result active by default.
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

Ok, if you change the “Look & Feel” it is supposed to change the desktop theme as well, that’s normal.
But still you should be able to choose any other theme in “Desktop Theme” afterwards.

It worked when I last tried, but that’s a while ago.
Have to retry with the latest version, maybe a bug got introduced in the desktop theme settings module.

Manually editing plasmarc should be a feasible workaround for now though. :wink:

yes, in the past it was :slight_smile:

…;)yessss, …in this KDE-period to have something of so easy to choose is a luxury situation :slight_smile:
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

I tried meanwhile, and it does work fine in general.

I did notice one particular problem though:
when choosing breeze as desktop theme, it writes an invalid line to plasmarc:


instead of:


This in turn causes Plasma to fall back to default theme from the selected look&feel, which is Air in the case of Oxygen.

That problem is specific to breeze though, it works fine with all other themes (even breeze-light).

Btw, the desktop theme config module has been completely reworked recently (the new one will be in 5.7.0), so this might be fixed already…

:slight_smile: manythanks, Tue 2016-07-05 is not so late :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …I can live until there with breeze theme and oxygen look and feel editing the plasmarc file :wink:

Actually it shouldn’t take that long until this is fixed, I proposed a patch myself:

As it is for plasma-framework, it might make it into 5.22.0, to be released at the beginning of May…

The bug is not in the systemsettings module.

I can live until there with breeze theme and oxygen look and feel editing the plasmarc file :wink:

Well, you could also select a different theme instead, breeze-light e.g., which is actually the 5.5 breeze theme.