After new installation, opensuse loads only half at splash

Ok, this is the 3rd time in 2 days I have installed this OS and its starting to annoy me. I have a Intel Celeron 2.6Ghz with i845 graphic chipset. I have installed 11.2RC2 and after the installation finishes and I reboot, it automatically asks which resolution I want (VESA/VGA). I have to select VESA since the VGA resolutions are HORRIBLY HUGE. When the boot screen comes, it loads halfway and then comes to a crashing halt. I let it load for 2 hours yesterday and it did NOTHING. After turning the computer off and back on, it comes to a screen to load normally or into failsafe. If I choose normal mode it does the same, if I choose failsafe, it does the same. So basically I have an OS I can’t reach. If I could, I would give an xorg.conf on here, but I can’t even get anywhere to produce one! When I put the live CD in, it boots perfectly, but I have to install again, only to get a OS that wont boot yet AGAIN. Can someone shed some light on this??

This reads like a bad install to me.

What can you tell us about how you created the installation CD/DVD ? After downloading the ISO file, did you run an md5sum check on that file, and then compare that md5sum to the one posted on the internet on the openSUSE download web site? Were they the same?

When you burned the CD/DVD, did you burn to a high quality media (and not to an RW) at the slowest speed your burner allowed? Preferenably burning with the same write/read device to which you planned the installation? I’ve seen problems crop up when the CD/DVD was burned on an old PC and install attempted on a new PC, and visa versa.

In essence, if you can not get failsafe mode to work, you have major problems.

Why are you using RC2 when the GM is available for download?

This CD was from PC-Welt (Germany). I bought the magazine with the new Live DVD in it. It was not a burned one. I got into the OS before (the first install I made), but after a restart, it asks for resolution and then goes to boot, but the loading bar stops halfway and it does nothing more.

openSUSE is not provided as a live DVD. I assume you meant liveCD per your comment that “CD was from PC-Welt (Germany)” .

I would be suspicious of the quality of this CD from PC-Welt.

Are you able to run the mediacheck on the CD, or does that fail also to run?

The CD was new, but it had four other OS on the disk as well, (Ubuntu, Kbuntu, Fedora, and another). Like I said, I got in after the first install, but after the next restart, it would not go beyond the load screen anymore, even in failsafe mode. When the CD is in the drive I can boot from the CD, but it still asks me which resolution I want (for me, 1024X768) and continues to boot correctly. So basically I can boot from CD and install, but can RUN the OS thereafter…

So its a custom install DVD prepared by PC-Welt (Germany). Who knows what they have done ? I don’t.

I recommend you use a nominal openSUSE-11.2 installation CD/DVD, and use the GM and not the RC2 version.

Ok, I guess it wouldnt hurt to use GM. Is it more stable than RC2? If it sounds good, I will try and post results here.

The GM and RC2 are mostly the same. Only blocking problems are typically fixed between GM and RC2. But there will be differences.