After my kde 6 update my virtual terminal won't return to the GUI

I asked this over at and it was suggested I ask here instead.

I updated my OpenSuse Tumbleweed to KDE 6 and I’m seeing that my virtual terminals won’t return to the GUI on four different (all HP /w Intel video) desktops. I can switch between tty1 to tty6 with no issues but Ctrl-Alt-F7 doesn’t change from the last selected tty screen to the GUI.
I think some of the F8 to F12 keys used to do something too but none do anything now.

I’ve tried this in Wayland and x11 and it is the same in either.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong or have I found a bug? Do I report it to Suse or KDE?

Is there a workaround to get back to the current user’s GUI screen without rebooting and starting over?

I’m not sure I understand what happened. You rebooted your system and it is falling straight into a tty with no graphics mode?

I normally use GDM for login. And when I do that, I need to use CTRL-ALT-F2 to return to the login session.

I just switched to SDDM for testing. And, using that I find that I need to use CTRL-ALT-F3 to return to my plasma 6 session.

Maybe experiment a little to see what works.

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I’ve always used ctrl-alt-f2 to return to the GUI session … I run X11 / KDE with SDDM.

Hmm, now that you mention it, I seem to have an Xorg.bin on tty2 which gives just a blank screen with cursor and wayland is on tty3. Only tty 1-6 are active in total. Wayland is on tty3. That might be expected… I only recently switched to Wayland this year so maybe hadnt noticed before. Not sure on opensuse how to get more virtual consoles. I dont see a NAutoVTs= value under /etc/systemd/

The Xorg on tty2 is interesting. Maybe something to do with backwards compat for some apps or something?

Checking here, that Xorg was started by SDDM. So maybe SDDM runs with tty2. Maybe that will change when SDDM is switched to using Wayland.

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No, I log in and the GUI loads as it did before the update to KDE 6.

The issue is when I use the CTRL-Alt-F keys to switch to the virtual terminal (which works) and then try to use the Ctrl-Alt-F7 key to return to the GUI which fails, leaving me at the last selected virtual tty terminal.

As I mentioned before, ctrl-alt-f2 is what works here … yes, it USED TO BE ctrl-alt-f7, but it was changed and there were quite a few threads about it a long time ago.
Did you try that combo?


I have tried all the Ctrl-Alt-F key possibilities, F1 to F6 give me tty 1 to tty 6, F7 and above do nothing, leaving me at the last selected tty screen.

On my login screen I only have the options for Plasma (Wayland) - IceWM Session and Plasma (X11) I have not tried the IceWM but the problem I’m having is the same in X11 and Wayland.

Correct, your X/Wayland desktop session no longer runs on tty7, it will be on tty2 or tty3, most often. (I have yet to get a predictable result)


Those who wish to keep all of vtty[1-6] free for logins, with X sessions predictably on vtty7+, may consider switching their DM from GDM or SDDM to LightDM, XDM, KDM3 or TDM, all of which as yet on openSUSE continue to maintain the tradition.

An alternative I have not spent much time pursuing is switching the logins on vtty[1-6] back from on demand loading to on boot loading. I created a script that sets this up:

 cd /etc/systemd/system/
 cp -a ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service
 sed -i 's/TTYVTDisallocate=yes/TTYVTDisallocate=no/' ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service ./getty@tty1.service
 systemctl start getty@tty1.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ./getty@tty2.service
 systemctl start getty@tty2.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ./getty@tty3.service
 systemctl start getty@tty3.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ./getty@tty4.service
 systemctl start getty@tty4.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ./getty@tty5.service
 systemctl start getty@tty5.service
 ln -sf ../../../../lib/systemd/system/getty@.service ./getty@tty6.service
 systemctl start getty@tty6.service

I originally did this because of how slow some PCs’ autostart logins have been to produce a prompt when one is desperately needed quickly.


I have to agree with the unpredictable, after rebooting again and going directly to the Wayland session I’m getting a tty on F1, a copy of the original login screen on F2 and my GUI on F3 but if I have pressed F2 nothing else works until I first release and re-press the Ctrl-Alt keys and then only after a several second delay. The F1 and F4 to F6 all switch without releasing the keys.

In X11 I get the GUI on F2 if I release the Crtl-Alt keys and re-press them after switching to a tty screen. The tty screens switch without having to release the keys.

If I log into X11 first, then log out and back into Wayland (no reboot) then F2 gives me the copy of the login screen and F7 gives me the GUI.

Unpredictable but you and the others that responded got me trying enough odd combinations of things that I’m niot going to get locked out of my GUI if I need to use a tty session for something.

All the help was much appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into the other DMs and see if one of them will work for me.

Can confirm, I’m experiencing the same on Gnome running on Wayland.
I’ve gotten used to pressing all the keys again.

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