after mozilla upgrad: missing dk_x11_window_get_drawable_imp

Recently I installed Firefox 3.6 on my SuSE 11.0 system. In order to do that I had to uninstall Firefox 3.0 and install 3.6 from scratch from the mozilla repository. In order to upgrade Firefox I had to change xulrunner packages to satisfy dependencies.

As soon as I did that, my Zend Studio started quitting with this message:

/usr/local/Zend/ZendStudio-7.1.1/jre/bin/java: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/xulrunner- undefined symbol: gdk_x11_window_get_drawable_impl

In YaST I have these xulrunner packages:


I am far from knowledgeable about the microscopic details of my system. I found a post here from someone who had this problem with Firefox itself. He added the Gnome factory repo and updated to gtk2 to 2.18 from there, but I’m on KDE I didn’t want to rush in and do that without seeking more expert advice.

Does anyone have an idea how I can regain gdk_x11_window_get_drawable_impl?
Is provided by the packages you list

That’s what I thought. In fact I can see it there.

Do you know how I can determine the presence, version, etc. of the function gdk_x11_window_get_drawable_impl?

It’s a little tricky for me and most of us probably, as we are now using 11.2 and 11.0 was never shipped with that version of FF.
If you are running the repo version from here
Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.0

Try doing an update all in this list unconditionally.
Do it by opening software management
filter by repo
select mozilla
from ‘Package’ menu - Update all unconditionally

if that errors on you and you can’t figure a way thru it, do update all if newer version avail.

*If you are using gnome, you can’t do the above until you change your UI to use qt
How To Get QT zypper GUI in GNOME YAST - openSUSE Forums