After mounting LVM partition, there is no data in home directory

This is my first time posting, so please correct me if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

Problem: My home folder appears empty when mounted from the new instance of tumbleweed I’ve recently installed.

Context: I put a second instance of tumbleweed on my main hard drive. I was careful to select ‘do not modify’ on for linux and non-linux existing partitions in the installer. And I was able to boot into the old partition once. Both installs are luks encrypted lvm’s with the home directory being on the same partition as the root directory.

After mounting the old drive’s root partition using this guide the home folder appears to be empty, but dolphin shows that the drive is just as full as it was before I installed the new instance of tumbleweed. The output of du -d 1 /mnt/ is

s1lky@localhost:/> du -d 1 /mnt/
35448 /mnt/etc
0 /mnt/.snapshots
64604 /mnt/boot
0 /mnt/home
0 /mnt/opt
0 /mnt/root
0 /mnt/srv
0 /mnt/tmp
28381268 /mnt/usr
0 /mnt/var
0 /mnt/dev
0 /mnt/proc
0 /mnt/sys
0 /mnt/run
0 /mnt/mnt
80 /mnt/snap
28481420 /mnt/

The output of lsblk is:

You need to separately mount the subvolumes, because that’s the way a “btrfs” file system is structured. Until you mount them, they appear to be empty.

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Thanks I’ve got it now! For those who need help with this:

sudo btrfs subvolume list

sudo mount [device name] -o subvolid=[subvolume id number] [subvolume mount location]

For example:
sudo mount /dev/system/root -o subvolid=420 /mnt/home

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