after latest Tumbleweed upgrade (3/5) Firefox/Chormium are no longer able to download web pictures

Since the latest Tumbleweed upgrade on March 5, 2019, Firefox/Chromium on KDE are no longer able to download pictures/images from the web! Something is not right on the latest Tumbleweed.

Don’t see such issues here. How did you upgrade?

Wouldn’t make sense that type of problem would affect 2 different browsers at once.

Are you saying that pictures don’t display in web pages or are you saying that you can’t download the picture files separately from the page (typically saved to the Downloads folder)?


use “sudo zypper dup” as the update reminder’s instruction. There were some over 500 packages upgraded, maybe there’re a couple of glitches during upgrading.

I meant saving pictures. Once it click saving, the browsers frozen and have to close by force. Now there’s another issue that the ImageWriter can’t load the latest openSUSE iso to be able to write onto usb stick. Guess something went wrong with the latest upgrading. Otherwise the system’s working as usual.