after kde4.2 upgrade

I fess up to probably having too many repositories enabled, however… the only GUI I can currently log into is IceWM, (I don’t use Gnome, do have KDE3)

After a recent update, now when I try to access e.g. dolphin, the application fires up, but reports an error with .session, klauncher, and something called org.forgotten.

I can access the file system, the internet (using FF, konqi not interested in starting, I can access kontact, kmail, but not use them, OOo works.

name changing .kde4 did nothing, deleting the whole of KDE4 and starting again with 11.1 and then one-click from didn’t improve matters

The upside (luckybackup, I love you) $HOME only four days out of date.

Now, I could do a clean install, but wondered if anyone could suggest something a bit less neanderthal?

If you have too many repos you can post the output of zypper ls -u and we can help you sort it out.
And luckybackup is great it has bailed me out in the past :wink:


Thank you for replying. I shall be pruning my repositories in any case.

However I have a more basic problem, I’ve borked something, that appeared to be as a result of my excessive version .01 upgrades, and I was looking for clues for an alternative to a clean install.:’(