After installing Lotus Notes 8.5, I couldn't find any shortcut to run it

Hello Everybody.

First of all I would like to inform you that I am a newbie to Linux, I tried to install Lotus Notes 8.5 client on my opensuse 11.2 machine, the installation process goes smoothly but i couldn’t find any short cut to run the software !!! nor in the desktop neither in the Recently Installed sub menu !!

is there anything wrong there?

How did you install?

On my 1st trial i unpacked the tar file into folder and then i added that folder as a repository then i installed it through yast>software management,

on my 2nd trial i un installed it and then re installed it through bash with the command
sudo rpm -ivh ibm_lotus_notes-8.5.i586.rpm

is that correct?

by the way i am using opensuse 11.2 32-bit ver.

According to

Note After install, application icons are visible by clicking Computer

  • More Application - Office - Lotus Notes and reside
    in /usr/share/applications.

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Also I couldn’t find it in the places that malcolmlewis mentioned,

is it possible that i face this problem because i installed Opensuse from the Live CD insted of the DVD?

Maybe - but whatever, just use the menueditor of your menu and create a shortcut yourself. That’s a matter of seconds.

Ok gropiuskalle, thank you for your reply, but …in MS Windows we make the short cuts through the .exe files, what about Linux? what is the executable files extensions ?

Extensions are not used to identify executables in Linux. There is identity bytes at the beginning of the file and the file is flagged executable in the FS.

Check the documents to see what file need to be run.