after installing KDE Problem with Metacity window session upon log out then chose metacity login

Recently I had installed and used auto-configuration settings for OpenSuse.
After installing I decided to play around with different things.
Then I wound up installing all the sessions that OpenSuse provides and
installed LXDE Gnome Xfce. KDE was already installed. After installing
them I decide to logout and try my hand at different session logins.
I learned that the metacity session left my machine in a hung unresponsive
state with absolutely no way to recover but to re-install the system again.
When I highlighted the metacity session I found out that whenever i typed
in my password and hit the return button on screen that it did not open
up like the rest of the sessions had. So metacity session hangs. After
re-installing I used Gnome as my default desktop environ. Now when I log
out to change sessions metacity is not there in the dialog box. Doesnt matter
because i didnt need it there to do the same as before.
I hope this helps everyone and to let Developer/techsupport know whats going on.
Also I noticed something else I did when playing around with the x button on
the desktop thingy the thing that contains some of your startup menu icons.
It hovers on your KDE desktop transparently and I pushed the x button and now I
can not get it back on my KDE desktop. Is there a setting to get KDE desktop back
to its original state, or do I have to re-install again?

When you are at the the default SUSE Login Screen and you select the Session Type in the Bottom Left of the screen, are you selecting the session called: KDE Plasma Workspace? There is more than one that has the name KDE, but this is the correct name to select. May I also say that in general it is best to select a particular desktop and stick with it. KDE and GNOME get the most attention and are likely to work the best. There are some interactions when switching between desktops that can create odd problems. I do load GNOME and KDE, but stick with KDE. I like having a backup session (ie GNOME) should I mess up KDE and GNOME has several apps I can use while in KDE (Like Banshee) if I load both sessions, but I stick with KDE exclusively unless there is a problem. This is the same suggestion I would give to you.

Thank You,