After installation started only once

I installed the Leap 15 in a notebook
The installation came to an end and when rebooting the OpenSUSE Leap 15 came up and ran normally
The next day, when the system started, it did not go up
I made a reboot and pressed the ESC key and a menu appears:

Grub (PO:Hitachi HT557DTld....)
Ateros Boot Agent
Enter Setup

But none of these options opens OpenSUSE:

Please, how do I recover the system?

is not very informative.

Please, what information is needed and how do I get it?

IMHO “notebook” is a word that means a sort of hand-held computer, larger then a so called “smart phone” and smaller then a laptop. A very general term.
How many different notebooks are there in the market? When you do not know what you have maybe there is some text about the brand and the type on the device?

On Fri 13 Jul 2018 12:56:03 PM CDT, sergelli wrote:

hcvv;2873412 Wrote:
> is not very informative.

Please, what information is needed and how do I get it?

Sounds like grub was not installed, if you boot from the install media
and select boot from hard drive, does the system come up?

What is the hardware, laptop model etc. Do you know if your using UEFI
boot or Legacy boot?

If it doesn’t come up then from the install media select the rescue
system to boot and post the output from;

fdisk -l

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Thank you Malcolm
You are rigth !!!
I was need to recover or restore openSUSE GRUB.
I found on the internet a page that explains how to solve this problem perfectly.
The good thing about this page is that it is current and based entirely on OpenSUSE.
Only problem is that it is in Portuguese but it is easy with google translator
For those who have problems with “GRUB”, follow the address below:

Thank you for your time