After installation can't find programms

I installed OpenSuse 11 today.
Installed wine, but I can’t find it, and .exe programms do not run (WineDoors shows wine version). But in add/remove programms I can see it as installed.
The same with truecrypt. I installed it by downloading and opening it with package manager. Trying to do this again it says that it already installed…


I haven’t used openSuSE in years, and I too just installed it, so I’ll be interested to learn if my answer is accurate. I’m unsure where Wine is, but TrueCrypt can be located in /usr/bin . I presume Wine might be in the same place.

If you want to open exe files you might have to rightclick, select open with other application and there manually enter or select wine. This might have to be done for the first time running wine, if I remember correctly.

Are you using packagekit with menu → system → add/remove software ? (you might then have gnome i guess ?)

If you are indead using it, I recommend you to use the yast2 software management. On Gnome —> Install Software on the right side of the menu. Or open Yast2 and select Software Management. To see installed software you have to select installed on top of the menu. (For Kde version of Yast2 it might be similar)

There you find all your programms.

For installing software I would recommend not downloading every rpm and installing it manually. You might be interested in the SuSE BuildServiceSearch:

There you can search for any piece of package and install the package/add the repo with the one click installers.