After install - X starts, with yellow console - nothing else

I’ve been trying to google this issue, but I am having trouble even describing the issue properly.

I just did an install of openSUSE 11.1 64-bit on my desktop (with access to repos for up to date install). After the install, the system booted and X started, however, it started with a basic console in the corner of the screen, with the rest of the screen basic black (and if you mouse over the black, the cursor turns into the big X).

Attempted sax2 -r, manually changing driver from nv to vesa in xorg.conf… Since I have X running, with a console, I launched firefox and did the 1-click installer for both Nvidia drivers, as well as upgrading from KDE 4.1 to KDE 4.2.

Unfortunately, none of this has helped. Hopefully someone here can offer some insight. See my screenshot (ksnapshot from console! :)) for my “description”.

PicPaste - snapshot1_2.png

That’s weird. can you try to open a terminal do the command plasma
See if it will give you the nice kde4 looking desktop.

conram - thank you! I couldn’t recall what it was called (plasma). I kept trying kwin, which just gave me a window border to move the console :wink:

Starting up plasma worked… sort of. The desktop appeared, but for whatever reason it is not working properly (kwin running being one thing). However, it is progress! Now if we could figure out why plasma isn’t running on boot…

It could be due to some leftover when you upgraded to kde 4.2 from the previous version. Worth checking your installation of kde. I use mainly xfce 4.6 so can’t tell you much.

I believe I have found the problem. I was stuck with a window open that I couldn’t close (F4 doesn’t work, Alt+F2 doesn’t work, etc) and the button for File->Close was blocked by an unmovable window… so I hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. This brought me to a real login window for the first time, instead of just automatically logging me in. Here, I specifically chose KDE 4.2 as my session type, and it logged me in with a full, normal desktop. I would hazard a guess that the kde profile .kde4 was never properly created, and logging in specifically with that session created in and allowed the desktop to start correctly. I don’t know if this is a problem with installing 64-bit with auto-login enabled, but it seems likely as I just did the exact same install, except with no automatic login, on my laptop yesterday without issue.

At any rate, thanks for your help! I appreciate it.

Now I can fiddle with getting my nvidia driver working. :slight_smile: