After install Cant find OS after reboot

The installation goes fine and it boots, but once you reboot the screen says “cant find operating system”


Welcome cjny01 to the openSUSE forums. I am very sorry to hear that you can not get your computer to boot after installing openSUSE. Normally, you will need to download a disk utility that might allow you to set something as bootable. I suggest you visit the following site & download a Gparted ISO disk, make the disk and then boot from it to examine and hopefull make your system boot again.

Browse GParted Files on

I would tell us a lot more about your computer.

  1. Desktop or Laptop & Brand/model
  2. openSUSE version you tried to load
  3. Desktop Version you loaded (Like KDE or GNOME)
  4. Disk Partition Information - GParted can give this info to you.
  5. What else is on the computer like Windows or nothing else

Just tell us a lot more than you did in your first message. Normally you must have either a generic Master Boot Record (MBR) and a Primary Partition that is marked active and bootable. There is an option to load the Grub boot loader into the MBR which would require having a readable openSUSE partition to load the rest of grub from. If you have a generic MBR & a partition marked active that has no bootloader in it, you could get the error that you describe. If you had Windows on the hard drive and intended to use a dual boot setup, you might be able to use the GParted disk to mark the Windows partition as being active. However, without more information on your system, it will be hard to give you exact advice.

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