After I add an app icon to the panel it disappears

When I select an app from the main menu, like networkmanager, I right click and select ‘add to panel’. The icon appears on the bottom panel and works as expected, but when I logout/reboot it disappears. Is anyone else experiencing this? Or know a solution?

I’ve updated all the KDE4 parts to Beta 1 in openSUSE 11.0.

Try right clicking on the panel and selecting Panel Menu - Add application to panel. I beleive that will make the addition to the panel permanent.

There is no panel menu. When I right click on the panel, I only get the following options:

Task Manager Settings

Add Widgets…

Panel Settings

Remove this panel

Remove this Task Manager

I too have this problem?
Also if I add a widget on the desktop this also disappears after a reboot?

I’d appreciate some help in this area too. I just installed SUSE 11 with KDE4. I also find no menu pick to add applications when I right click the panel (this worked well in the KDE 3.? version I was using with SUSE 10.3. Also when I right click an application icon in the start menu, the application just starts.

I’d rather avoid reinstalling with KDE 3 if I could learn how to overcome some of these annoying things (there are more but I’ll try to fix one at a time).

no need to reinstall with kde 3…it will run just fine with kde 4.

i just installed suse 11 a few days ago and i installed kde 3, kde 4, gnome and xfce. didn’t think i was gonna like it at first…but i am actually growing kinda fond of kde 4. :slight_smile: