After downloading opensuse, it wont copy to dvd

I’ve downloaded opensuse, but it wont copy to any DVD’s it keeps comign up with errors.

Does anyone know why this could be?

You don’t say how you are doing it. So it is difficult to know.

Did you download the MD5? If so, open the image with K3b and it will calculate the MD5 which you can check.

If you then use K3b to copy it to DVD, it will normally tell you what the problem is if it cannot manage it.

I’m not quite sure what you mean.

I downloaded the first one on this link

I am on windows at the monent by the way.

thanks for your reply.

What errors are you getting?? What software are you using to burn it. Are you burning at the slowest possible speed? Did you check the check sums. Did you use IE to download and is your windows 32 bit? (32 bit IE will not download files larger then 4 gig, I’m told)

Are you burning an ISO image or are you just copying the file to a DVD?