After applying fix lvm2 2.02.98- system does not start any more

Dear all,

Today I installed among other fixes 2.02.98- for LVM2. I did this with zypper. The installation went well but I had to reboot the system because several modules where in use (zypper ps). When I rebooted the system did not come up any more. I have a lot of lvm2 volumes on my system.

I analyzed the problem, here are my findings:

1.) The fix changes the file /etc/lvm/lvm.conf. There in the “global” section the use_lvmetad parameter is set to 1. I don’t know why but during restart the volume groups are not becoming active any more. Changing the parameter back to 0 allows again normal boot.

2.) On my system, fstab mounts the volume groups, however I didn’t had the nofail option specified. Since the vgs did not become available, the boot process put the system in emergency mode. There is the recommendation to use journalctl -b to analyse the problem after login. However it is impossible to login as there is NO login prompt.

The system renders in unusable state.

I needed to create a live system and then change the fstab to add nofail to the mount parameters in order to resolve this situation.

My questions are

  • why will there be no login prompt at the login prompt.
  • why the volume groups are getting not active after applying this fix.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

Well, add your comment to and ask to pull this update again.

I cannot reproduce it using trivial configuration (one LVM system VG and one more LVM VG). So you need by all means report it on bugzilla so your configuration can be analyzed.