After 42.2 MySql fails to start

opensuse 42.2
linux 4.4.36-8-default x86_64
mysqld 10.0.28-MariaDB

After the upgrade from42.1 to 42.2, mysql does not start. I get a whole load of errors like the ones below. There are other phases of the db upgrade but they all indicate the same problems: corrupted tables.

What is the recommended solution to a this mess?

Phase 1/6: Checking and upgrading mysql database
Processing databases
mysql.column_stats                                 OK
Error    : Incorrect file format 'columns_priv'
error    : Corrupt
Error    : Incorrect file format 'db'
error    : Corrupt
Error    : Incorrect file format 'event'
error    : Corrupt
Error    : Incorrect file format 'func'
error    : Corrupt
mysql.gtid_slave_pos                               OK

Hopefully you made a full backup, or at least backed up your MySQL before you upgraded.

When upgrading database applications (not just MySQL/Mariadb) need to be carefully inspected and evaluated for possible issues.

The first thing you should do now is to make a full backup.
You may or may not be able to recover from your current status, but however things go a backup now is maybe worthless but better than creating more problems and trying to resolve a more complicated situation later.

If you Google mysql upgrade “incorrect file format” you’ll return a number of hits that almost all say about the same thing… you can try the “repair” command. But, based on that search I recommend searching again “mysql repair all tables”

IMO the following is one of the better written articles, but you may need to use systemd commands in place of some of the init commands described in the article

In the future, be sure to properly prepare your machine before upgrading which means carefully researching any major applications (including db apps) before upgrading.

Good luck…