After 2200 file update -- 15.4 desktop starts nothing

Running openSUSE 15.4a in a libvirt vm for testing. After big update of about 2200 files and a restart, the desktop does nothing. It looks like a gnome desktop. Clicking “activites” shows nothing. No icons on side panel; no icons on desktop. The upper right items, e.g., network, user, etc do work.

Cannot get to any functioning app

FWTMC, tom kosvic

It seems to be working fine here, also in a libvirt VM, with KDE 5.24.1 desktop.

Everything seems normal in 15.4 here using Xorg on genuine Intel graphics. What’s your GPU? Xorg, or Wayland?

I still get nothing past a blank gnome initial desktop screen. Clicking Activities tab still shows no icons in left panel or main screen area. This needs a kickstart somehow. I think the issue is with gnome desktop itself.

I am on Xorg with intel i7 chip on host computer. Have geforce gtx 1050 ti graphics but that should not be an issue. All was working fine until the 2200 file update. I rebooted the vm several times since the update, stilll nothing.

Question though, brought on by question above!! I am am using xorg and itel chip in the host machine. In a vm of an OS, if I install a wayland desktop (e.g., plasma wayland) and log into it, am I really running wayland or xorg when the host is running xorg?

I posted this thread after installl problem just to advise the developers and to hopefully be of use to them. If others are not having the same problem, it must be my installation for some reason. I’ll keep tinkering with things for a bit before deleting it

thanks for comments, tom kosvic