After 13.2 upgrade the Grub bootloader screen shows 13.1 version instead of 13.2

i’ve just upgrade 13.1 KDE version to 13.2 KDE with no problems

But when i start, the grub bootloader screen is showing the new logo with the version opensuse 13.1, instead of 13.2

I don’t think it’s normal ? is there a solution to have the grub screen with the right version ?


Yes, it is.
And it’s the same since ever openSUSE uses grub2 as default bootloader in 12.2. The version number in the boot menu is not changed on upgrades.
This is because this is a user/admin changeable configuration setting.

Btw, 13.2 now uses “openSUSE” on a fresh installation, without any version number, because of that (I suppose).

is there a solution to have the grub screen with the right version ?

Yes. Enter YaST->System->Boot Loader, and set it to anything you like.

mine was the exact same as the 13.1 version, i went into yast->bootloader and changed the ‘provider’ field from 13.1 to 13.2, thinking it might just regex the text or something, but the whole graphical presentation of grub changed to the new version too, all in all pretty painless :slight_smile:

Well, it saves the settings to /etc/default/grub and then re-creates the menu and re-installs the boot loader.

So probably something went wrong with the boot loader installation the first time.
Maybe the boot loader was installed when the old branding was still there?

I haven’t seen this on the two systems I upgraded though.

But there are bug reports about missing branding on fresh installations, it’s even mentioned in the release notes, for LiveCD installations at least:
Your “problem” might be related. (in your case the old branding was still there and used, which it is not on a fresh installation of course so there’s no branding at all)
But that’s just guessing.

I would like to add that I am still redirected to 13.1 packages on after an upgrade to 13.2.
I am wondering whether this is related. The user-agent string does not seem to indicate the opensuse version. So where does this information come from?

You can choose the distribution for which you want to get search results by clicking on the “settings” button right next to the “Search” button.

This is stored as browser cookies I think.

Depending on how you upgraded you may need to manually change the repos. But if you did an online upgrade and still had 13.1 repos active you probably broke things.:’(

He’s talking about the online package search, This one has no idea what repos you have configured.