Hello people.
I have another problem, I hope I won’t bother you too much with this…
I have a MacBookPro with OS X Leopard 10.5.8 and an openSuSE 11.2 on a PC.
I have found an article on a web how to make a TimeMachine (apple backup volume) on Ubuntu, but I have wanted to apply same thing on a SuSE.
I have ended up in try to set up communication between those 2.
Problem is that I have configured everything and under Mac’s shared devices I can see SuSE as a server (xserve icon), but from some reason I can’t access it.
I first thought that problem is in firewall or port mapping, I did it too… I configured firewall that does nothing in internal zone, and port mapping to a ports between 543 and 5338.

Source that I used is from Kremalicious.
If anyone has had similar problem I’d appreciated help so much.
If you need deeper explanation of the problem you can ask and I’ll give you more details.

Oh one more thing. From SuSE I can browse Mac via SMB and FTP, but not vice versa.

I’ve found solution… I missed new version of Netatalk :wink:
And I have reconfigured SMB, now everything works :slight_smile: