Advice on VLC player replacement

Are there suitable replacements for VLC media player? I used it for a long time but two problems surfaced. First, it will not show input from my usb webcam- on old issue from a different thread. The second issue has me looking for a good alternative. Formerly, playing a video showed the controls at the bottom of the screen. Now, the controls appear in a separate window. So, to pause etc means going to a different window, losing focus on the video and even blocking the playing video. I’ve tried different settings, but cannot go back to the old behavior.

I’m looking for a capable alternative and would like recommendations.

Just reset VLC to brand new

delete .cache/vlc and .config/vlc from your home directory after you close vlc (vlc cannot be running).

now start VLC and it will be just like brand new.

I also only use vlc from the packman repo.

Thanks. Tried this but it was the same outcome. Separate window with controls. Controls wouldn’t advance/pause/stop media. Saw something new: mousewheel now adjusts volume. Had trouble to get VLC to quit.

JUST NOTICED: when I went to check on repo, I discovered I don’t have VLC. I have vlc-beta! Will remove and install regular version.

Removing beta-vlc and installing the regular version gave me back the controls. Thanks for giving me the lead to fix this! Still cannot open the USB webcam. I continue to get this error

VLC is unable to open the MRL 'v4l2:///dev/video0'. Check the log for details.

It doesn’t matter which of the 4 video options I choose (video0 to video4), the error continues. I don’t know what log to check. I must have a wrong setting somewhere. But where?

I use been using an vlc to capture clips that I use in videos that I make. I got a new pc and I’ve had reoccurring issues with the vlc player. Even with troubleshooting I haven’t been able to utilize the function on the player to capture video. Does anyone use an alternative application to capture video?