Advice on openSUSE install

What is the best way to switch from my current Linux distro (ubuntu 13.04) to openSuse 13.1?

I have a dual boot system (windows + ubuntu), and a separate partition for Home.

Thank’s for your advice.

You did not say if the machine is EFI or BIOS

Basically just install the the current Ubuntu partition keep your home and mount as /home keep your swap and mount as swap

Details depend on type of machine

it’s an old school 64bit - i5 quad core with a BIOS MoBo.

So basically skip the auto install, use the existing /home and /swap partitions, and install openSUSE to existing Ubuntu partition. This will save all my exhisting data on home? (of course I will back up first).


Just go through the install. When it gets to the partitioning section, it will suggest partitioning. Click the button to import partitioning. It should show the files systems used in ubuntu. Accept, and proceed (after checking that this is what you want).

Great answer. Thanks for ur help. BTW, how do I marked this thread solved?