Advice on installing 11.2

Ok first of all excuse my bad english but hopefully you will understand me enough to help me…

I bought a brand new laptop for just some days ago and as a regular linux user i ofcourse want a linux distro in it…

Before i have always been using kubuntu and tried ubuntu and mandriva but these dont give me the full satisfaction due to various reasons so now my eyes have turned to Suse of wich I only have heard good things…

Now to the question…

I really like having all the latest software and for me 11.1 seems a little old (No KDE4.3, Firefox3.5, Kernel) so I want to install 11.2 but I am wondering if this have some regressions in form of harder installing drivers for ATI graphics and such, if i install 11.2 now will it update leaving no or very little “crap” behind so my 11.2 will be as good as a fresh install when its released?

Or do you recommend installing 11.1 and updating in november??

As a note I do not need the system to be production stable just so stable that it dont crash completely with no chance to get it to life…

I’ve been testing 11.2 and it is far from stable, and isn’t scheduled until November. You can find most of the packages you are looking for in the repos for 11.1. You’ll find Firefox 3.5 in the Mozilla repo,

Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_11.1

If you want KDE 4.3 in openSUSE 11.1, the KDE factory repos are at

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop

The kernel head is at

Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_11.1

but you’re doing this at your own risk. Other people have been successful. Be sure to keep the old kernel to fall back to when you install the head.

Does 11.1 support ext4 to?

Yes but the newest ATI kernel drivers DO NOT support 2.6.31 kernel with which 11.2 M5 is shipping.

I recommend installing 11.1 and choosing the right repositories for KDE 4.3, you can find many kernels to install (homemade :wink: )

What are your experiences upgrading a Suse system??

If i choose going with 11.1 will there be much trouble upgrading leaving much old crap in the computer??

I have always made a clean install instead of upgrades when i used kubuntu but im getting tired of that…

If you want to do it simple then install 11.1 with KDE and then add Factory KDE repos you’ve been given earlier. If you also want it faster then install minimum x server, any web browser and add those repositories and install kde 4.3 with patterns iirc it would be like zypper in -t patterns kde4.3_base or something. You need to check for available patterns with zypper pt

P.S. I recommend that way because it somehow always felt faster for me and i don’t have a weak hardware.

Live upgrading is poor compared to Debian systems.

It had been possible for some time (as I understand it) by removing all software that isn’t part of the standard installation, upgrading, then putting other software back - but it’s unpredictable.

They’ve made a major effort to get live upgrading to work in factory this release, but few people will have tried that yet, and obviously none have tried upgrading to 11.2 proper because it hasn’t been released yet.

So in summary, I’m afraid we don’t know any more than you do.


Enjoy suse though! It’s a really nice distro.

[And use a separate /home partition, and possibly a separate /opt if you install lots of things in there, and reinstallation really isn’t that much of a hassle]

So far, doing a distribution upgrade (zypper dup) isn’t currently supported e.g. 11.0 to 11.1, so the normal recommendation is for a clean install. I believe for 11.2, the development objective to facilitate a full distro upgrade to the running system, remains the objective but no solution yet.