Advice needed to change dm-raid raid1 device to new single drive (both encrypted)

Hello all,

I have some troubles (errors with read only message) with HDD drives mounted in dm-raid raid1 with encryption.

I would like to remove one of the disk on the raid1, connect a new drive SSD and transfert everything on it from the single dm-raid disk.

i would like to make the new SSD encrypted too ( i just buy it and it is not mounted yet)

I remember that i did the setup of the dm-raid raid1 with Yast.

Can you please describe the step to follow to achieve this transfor of data ?

Thanks a lot by advance.


The steps:

  1. Buy the new SSD and install it
  2. Use Yast to format the disk and encrypt it
  3. Copy the data from the HDD to the new SSD, I would use rsync

This will work fine if the current HDD is some kind of “data-only” disk without your home and system.

If the HDD has also the system I do a new installation on the new SSD, mount the old HDD and then copy the data
If the HDD does not have the system but has your home I would follow the steps above but the copy of the home must be done using another OS.

Would be good if you can share a dump for you current setup, on the command line the output of “inxi -DP” (preferred), graphically, make a screen shot of Yast → Partitioner.