Advice needed for openSUSE version

Hi, let’s cut to the point.
I have Asus laptop with ATI X2300, and: I HAD openSUSE 11.0 since I bought laptop, somewhere in june last year. After some intial problems, worked ok.

However, then some updates came (new kernel, xserver) which completely screwed it up (my fault for updating, but is it my fault?). So, sound stopped working beyond any way to repair it, ATI fglrx is incompatible with xserver 1.6 etc etc.

I reinstalled system and put 11.1. Besides sound, whole bunch of problems appeared, wireless also, so I had (again) to put madwifi or updtade the kernel, which again screwed my sound and everything again in loop.

Since 11.2 has still long way to go, I installed Fedora 11. Oh man… it boots in 11 seconds, had serious sound problems among other annoyances.
That wasn’t worth it. So I installed Kubuntu 9.04 (since I like KDE 4).
Everything works perfect, except ATI, because of xserver 1.6. So I have to use open drivers, which doesn’t give me 3D which I want (not that I needs it, but I wants it… my precious).

So… what are my options? Go back to 11.0, update only what’s necessary, locking critical things, have a fight with MadWifi and wpa_supplicant again, or should I wait for 11.2?
Will 11.2 have problems resolved with ATI and xserver?

I see no other options but:

  1. keep kubuntu and suffer absence of 3D while problems are fixed (if will be fixed)
  2. install Mint 6 KDE4?
  3. keep Kubuntu and wait for openSUSE 11.2?

Just to menition… I am openSUSE user since 9.3 and I want to continue using it, however 11.1 doesnt work for me, and 11.0 is too old. Also, I want to use KDE4 - period.

Any suggestion?

Normally I use openSUSE, but it so happens I have a notebook at one location with Kubuntu. When 9.04 came out I was all ready to upgrade from 8.10, had the Alternate image in my hot little hands (why are they always little hands, and not big ones? :slight_smile: ready to go. Then I read in forums about the problem with xserver and fglrx. So I left it at 8.10 which did work with fglrx. In the meantime I’ve been getting updates to KDE4 and while I can’t tell you at the moment which minor version of KDE4 it is until Monday, it seems to work well.

So the strange point of this tale is maybe you should consider Kubuntu 8.10.

I read somewhere that a newest version of Ati drivers support x server 1.6

Nope… only for turbo newest cards, and 9800 and below. It’s on catalyst 9.4 which is still unstable.
I have been on ati site, they still have 9.3 for download.

You can try openSUSE 11.2 milestone3. It`s not buggy.

Not buggy? I doubt it. All software is buggy, including stable Debian.
Anyways, does 11.2 have xserver 1.6 and does it work with ATI?

The version of KDE I have on Kubuntu 8.10 is 4.2.2.

I have now kubuntu 9.04, KDE whatever newest stable is, and cant install ati drivers :frowning:
suse 11.1 doesnt work properly (for me), so I have to use something else (in this case Kubuntu), where all things are so complicated… click-click-click-click-click- dpkg-click-click-click


dpkg? Why are you using dpkg? There are lots of package managers for Ubuntu that take care of dependencies. Even from the command line you don’t have to resort to dpkg, there’s apt-get. C’mon, fair’s fair. Compare apples with apples.

well, dpkg was not exactly a thing, I wanted to point out my feelings about kubuntu… not bad system after all…
I will try to downgrade xserver to 1.5 (found how-to link), if it screwes up, I downloaded Sabayon 4.2 to give it a try (sabayon 4.1 worked fine in VM)

…all this because of opensuse 11.2 - taking too long :frowning:

Some of us feel that 11.2 should be released when it’s ready and not pushed out to fit a schedule as 11.1 seems to have been. lol!

I agree on you. I find 11.1 worst release so far. I wish 11.2 to go out (not as a rush, but as a fine polished), faster because I dont want to go back to 11.0, and 11.1 doesnt work for me. So I am now experimenting (currently Kubuntu, testing Sabayon 4.2 on VM).