Advice for audio chips comptability

I looked some new motherboards and most of them has these audio chips:

AUDIO: Realtek ALC1200
AUDIO: Realtek ALC800

Plese, let me know, how can I check, if they are supported in kernel 2.6.30?

I looked at alsa page, and no information I have seen there.

oldcpu, as I understund you, is not so important what audio chip is, but it is important to determine what hardware audio codec a device has, right?
Let´s see Realtek ALC889
In realtek page: Realtek

I can see details.
So, can you check for me please, what audio codec it uses?

The driver for sound for Linux is the “alsa” driver. Do a search on the alsa page (see the search box on the middle left) for the codecs: Main Page - AlsaProject

ie search for


also search on your motherboard under google, for experiences of other users. Say your mother board was an “Asus P6T Deluxe” then seach on google for something like:

asus p6t deluxe alsa


asus p6t deluxe ubuntu

or use some other distribution in addition to searching on ubuntu (such as fedora, or opensuse or debian ).

I searched this way for VT1708B and see what I see.

5 bugs for this cheap.
So, that’s why I was woried about this cheap.
In Alsa page, I searched for and it appears it has added to 1.0.16 but why so many bugs?

Almost all hardware when new will have many bug reports raised against the hardware. Typically that is the mechanism in which updates to drivers are formally tracked for the changes to be made to drivers for new hardware.