Advice before purchase


My post from yesterday (to the hardware forum) seems to have disappeared, so at the risk of having two similar posts running around these forums, I am posting it here again:

I am about to purchase a new laptop (Asus X555LA-XX1792T). In the past I have come across problems of removing Windows due to some locking mechanism that did not allow a boot from a different OS DVD.

A web search shows people reporting no boot device found after what appears to be a successful installation of linux (in their case, usually Ubuntu) onto this laptop.

I also found some references to a locked UEFI mode.

If anyone can advise me on whether or not I can bypass these problems, or if you have any direct experience installing opensuse on Asus X555LA, I would be very grateful for your help. I certainly do not want to buy it and end up with a Windows machine.


Have you checked the above? Might find what you need there.

I would highly recommend the Lenovo T and X-series laptops for openSUSE.
They have the best keyboards, touchpad and buttons supported.

The latest kernel 4.6 and higher will now provide support for the Synaptics RMI4 protocol
which is the native protocol for all current Synaptics devices (touchscreens, touchpads).

HP Pro Book laptops are also very popular including the Dell XPS series and the Asus X555LA.