Advantages/Disadvantages PowerMac?

In 2005 I bought a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0. Nice machine, but it was obsolete as soon as they switched to Intel processors. Eventually they will stop writing OSX for PPC machines and I’ll have an expensive paperweight.

What are the advantages of replacing OSX Tiger with say Suse 11.x?

Will my Nvidia 6800 Ultra Pro offer me 3D capability?

Will Linux software run in PPC processors?

Would I be better off with Suse installed?

Opinions are many and I think the bottom line is what you think you need.

It will although I wouldn’t expect to run Crysis in Wine with it :wink:

Yes it will - however you will find yourself compiling some software by hand. Packman offers some packages compiled for PPC but not all, luckily it shouldn’t be more trouble than download the package from one of the packages and running rpmbuild on it.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I’ll dual-boot and see what I think about it. I know I love Suse on a PC. If everything I do on a daily basis works on the PowerMac I might switch.