Advanced update

In suse 11 there was 2 tabs in the update aplet One was for standard updates and the other was for advanced updates.

What happend to that 2nd tab in suse 11.1

The update applet in openSUSE 11.1 uses a PackageKit backend by default. Unfortunately it does not seem to support showing full package updates (optional updates or “Upgrades”), rather it only displays security updates (“Patches”). To change the behavior to what you want, do the following:

  1. Install the Zypp backend for the updater applet. The package is named “kde4-kupdateapplet-zypp”

  2. Right-click the updater applet in the system tray & select “Configure Applet”

  3. Change the backend from “PackageKit Plugin” to “ZYpp Plugin”

  4. Check the option box for “Show available upgrades when backend provides them (for experts only)”

  5. Right-click the updater applet and select “Check Now”

The updater applet should then display both the Patches and Upgrades tabs. If not, you can close the applet and run it again or restart the machine entirely.

The default backend for the updater is now packagekit, which supports only updates, not upgrades. To enable the upgrade feature, you must install kde4-kupdateapplet-zypp, then configure the applet to use zypp as the backend.

Is it just me, or does the applet provide less information than in 11.0?

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Very cool,

Thank you