Adobe vs Microsoft?

Hi all people…

Digg - Would Linux help Adobe pummel Microsoft?

I found this article interesting…

if giant such adobe is really port their CS, this will be event that can change the world.

is somebody have any more information about this? Did adobe make some official report?

any comments?

I found original post
here is

Would Linux help Adobe pummel Microsoft? | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET News

and in one of the comments i found horrible things about linux…

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i has no words… I know one good thing. If MS guys was nothing care about linux they never write this sh*t… and if the position of Microswat is not so good they will do this… this displays the weak of MS position…

Bah, Dvorak is a click-wh***. While such sentiments might get some noises from the cheer crowd, Adobe, like any other corporation, is there for profits, not ideology. If it helps their bottom line, they will do it. Like Matt Asay says, I don’t think the world is ready for single-purpose Dreamweaver computers with a Linux OS. So I put this down to writer’s block on Dvorak’s part again. I remember the time when speculation was rife that Google was coming out with Goobuntu. Sensibly, Google has concentrated on being platform-agnostic.

Having said that, it is true that Adobe has of late been friendlier towards Linux than in the past; they have released more of their software to run on Linux. And yet, they are amazingly backward in some areas. There is no 64-bit Flash plugin and there is no 64-bit version of their Flash Media Server for Linux last I looked, even though this would be a natural for server farms. Fortunately Linux servers accommodate both 64 and 32 bit binaries on the x86_64 platform.

It’s a joke!

Ask anyone, Linux clearly violates Microsoft Intellectual Property. This has been proven in a court of law [1].

Now click on “[1]” and you get a “Error 404 - Not Found”.

The development tools such as Visual Studio are top notch, world class and mind boggling. And just like Bill Gates’ food, the source-code is only allowed to be touched by the hands of virgins.

And after 127 systems are connected to a Linux network, it becomes a black hole (we have strong evidence to back this up). It simply stops sending out packets no matter what you do.
The problem here is that Linux has not been able to reverse engineer and copy the internal NIC address map buffer beyond 7 bits.
You might also want to take into account that, Linus, born with only 7 fingers [marked by the beast], refuses to acknowledge numbers greater than 2^7.

As some of you might know, America is the greatest country that has ever existed, and will continue to dominate the rest of the world for the next 1000 years. And in this great country of ours Linux is illegal. This is an irresputable fact; never let anyone tell you differently.
The lesser counties of this world came together on September 17, 1991 and conspired to rob America of its wealth. Their plan is … Linux. The plan itself is very devious, and we will not go into the details of it, but as a warning let us say that if you conspire against us, you will be destroyed.

etc, etc, etc…

I dunno but the link crashes Konqueror. :slight_smile:

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RedDwarf… i bad understand english… but i did not think this is kidding of some linux guy…

for example is somebody friendly to linux will draw linux logo pinguin dragged in head?

with text after logo always beta, the truth about linux.

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even after i click on it this still 5 clicks(this is just text)

you really think this is somebody bad(black) humor kidding?

I don’t think so…

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This is not a ‘real site dealing with real issues.’ It is a joke. All the content is satire.

is somebody friendly to linux will draw linux logo pinguin dragged in head?

you realy think this is sarcastic over windos? I far from thinking so… it is more look like sarcastic over linux…