Adobe Reader (pdf CMYK colours)

When I open a pdf that is ready for printing (has CMYK colour profile) in Adobe Reader, it is displaying it with too much contrast and hue

Here is a screenshot of pdf in windows →](

And at openSUSE 11.0 (adobe reader) →](

Evince is displaying colours properly but has problem with gradients…
Is there a way to fix colours in Adobe Reader?

This might help you: CMYK color problems in a document or PDF file (FrameMaker on Windows)

No, I need to setup CMYK colours profile in Linux but I don’t know how :slight_smile:

sorry freedguy
but how this is relies(?) to question? Your link describes solution to solve pdf or document if it contain RGB obgects… afaiu
this is natural that your screenshot of one adobe’s acroread dosument in different systems differs.
because windows has color management system (CMS) and by default use profile for your monitor, and linux is not use any by default…
you can have a try to GCMS: Generic Colour Management System and one more LPROF - Home

you can read about CMS in linux Linux color management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

i have some questions to you
did rgb pdf also different?
what you want make with CMYK file()?
is version of acroread same on win and oS?
did you try to view it with evince?

i have more but for now it enough

RGB are looking good :slight_smile: I think that I will just stick with Evince :smiley:
Thanks for help :smiley:

I had the exact same problem with color profiles as you…

I’m using Ubuntu 8.04… I hope the instructions will work for you too

What I did :

  1. Download these files :

ICC profiles are a standard of color management. All of them are platform independent and can be used with Gimp, Scribus, Inkscape and F-Spot & Co. To make the profiles available system wide (including Windows applications running on Wine) copy the downloadad profiles to


And My PDF in Acrobat Reader now looks the same as on windows ! Wow ! i’ve been looking for this for a month !

Hope it works for you…

Thanks for help ^^

Thanks for help ^^


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