Adobe Reader and


to fill out some pdf documents, I need the Adobe Reader (these pdfs shows only an error message that I have to use Adobe Reader when opening it with Okular or online tools).
In the past, I installed the acroread rpm (from an opensuse repository). With a new tumbleweed installation, I have a dependency to
Does somebody knows where I can get this file?

Best and thanks


glibc-locale has, but writen like it is. If that’s installed you might try to ignore the dep.

Thanks rotfl!!

Glibc-locale was installed, but not the 32-bit version. After installing the 32 bit, I was able to install acroread after ignoring the dependency to iso8859. Without installing the 32 bit glibc-locale acroread is not starting after installing and ignoring the iso8859 dependency. Why does a 64bit program need a 32 library :?