Adobe flash pluging


I have downloaded the rpm from adobe and installed it.
It didn’t show up in firefox / addons.

I modified the symlink in

I made it point to: -> /usr/lib64/kde4/

Still, no flash player plugin in firefox. What’s the problem?

Not sure but you should get flash from packman not adobe

don’t do that
as mozilla regularly blocks older flash, as the adobe repo has issues with automatic updates get flash from the packman repo
first undo what you did
ln /usr/lib64/kde4/
makes no sense at all as kde4 is dead and only used by kde4 (Qt4 apps) and kde4 does not use flash at all (maybe konqueror does but it doesn’t need a symlink)
if you have the packman repo just install flash

zypper in flash-player

if you don’t have the packman repo (you get an error flash-player not found)
add packman

zypper ar -f packman
zypper dup --from packman
zypper in flash-player

the 2nd command zypper dup --from packman is needed so Firefox can handle the restricted formats (mp4)

ps if you want to see installed mozilla plugins in Firefox go to the special adress
ps ps
you can see plugins in the plugins tab on the addons page
Firefox should show disabled plugins there

Gave up after spending a while troubleshooting this on the firefox browser on another machine. packman downloads and seem installing, yet on firefox only the Adobe plugin shows up i.e. plenty of issues handling shockwave as well as flash clips. Somehow, without flash, youtube clips still load.

Youtube uses HTML5 video tags rather than flash, the way it’s supposed to be done.

Firefox uses ffmpeg for html5 mp4’s on youtube worse case scenario if you don’t have the full ffmpeg Firefox will display webm fine without any other codecs
I’m guessing you have some bad packages/repo’s
tell us your repo list

zypper lr -d

you also mentioned another computer the above packman link was for 42.2 using that repo on TW or 42.1 will probobly break your multimedia
what version of openSUSE did that PC have?
another thing to consider is video drivers you never said what graphic card and driver you use

ps what does youtube say you when you go here

Thanks everyone, the packman add on works at last and now shows up on Firefox too, but with a fresh install of Tumbleweed. When I ran the zypper dup --from packman again, there were some dependency issues involving another broadcom-wl-kmp package which was another matter I had been troubleshooting with the Broadcom wireless card on the laptop.

I have flash-player from packman, works fine with Firefox but not with Chrome. What can i do about making it work with Chrome??

Here it is in repo!

This is what Chrome and Chromium say:

Install flash-player-ppapi.

Chrome/Chromium have a different plugin interface (PPAPI/“Pepper”) and don’t support Firefox/Netscape plugins since quite some time.

But I thought Chrome has flash built in?

what wolfi323 said for Chromium and Chromium based browsers (opera vivaldi etc) use flash-player-ppapi

zypper in flash-player-ppapi

Chrome use to come with flash afaik packman use to get pepper-flash (flash-player-ppapi) from the chrome rpm but as it seams adobe have taken over flash development on linux google might have stopped shipping it