Adobe Flash Plugin help

well i did the install and it still will not work so no youtube or any thing i did the best i could via what the website said,

though i must have not done some thing right,
any help on this would be great,

Thank you!

PS>Links would be greate or maybe some thing other then
Install Adobe Flash Player 10 in openSUSE Linux | SUSE & openSUSE

any way’s thank’s alot

Edit)now when i

carol@linux-9728:~> rpm -qa | grep flash

Edit)i get


But it will still not work,

Did you get this sorted?

Tell us your ver. of openSUSE?

You do have flash-player installed don’t you?

rpm -qi flash-player

linux-9728:~ # rpm -qi flash-player
package flash-player is not installed[code/]
i'am now in as root user and that's what i get

suse ver 11.1

you should not be logged in as root, just as a user and use su in a terminal and your root password

Open a terminal, type su, followed by root password

now do:

zypper in flash-player

awesome! it works, Thanks alot for the great support


Great. You are welcome;)