Adobe Flash Player 11 For 64-Bit Linux - Beta

Wow! Adobe catch up with late 20th Century technology at last and announce a 64 bit beta - See [Phoronix] Adobe Flash Player 11 For 64-Bit Linux Is Christened]( I have no idea what Broadcom Crystal HD “support” means in practice, usually Broadcom goes hand in hand with “wireless” and means trouble… though I do hear their server wired cards are fine.

So far, so good and all seems to be working OK.

BBC iplayer is fine and Youtube good to go as well.

I have only tested this on my i5 system using the Nvidia 270 binary blob so this could go horribly wrong on my laptop which is ATI blob.

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> So far, so good and all seems to be working OK.
> BBC iplayer is fine and Youtube good to go as well.
> I have only tested this on my i5 system using the Nvidia 270 binary
> blob so this could go horribly wrong on my laptop which is ATI blob.

after downloading this beta release i noticed a directory tree in addition
to the file. copying these files into their respective locations
under /usr, /share, etc., i now find an adobe control menu in my
‘systemsettings,’ allowing me to adjust adobe flash player settings that
were earlier available only by right-clicking on the player in a browser;
quite handy.



Well so far flash plays nicely with the ATI blob too, so none of the usual “banging the head against a brick-wall” issues yet. Unfortunately Adobe still can’t get their act together and support hardware acceleration on anything other than Nvidia

I installed the 64 bit beta also and copied the files over to /usr. No problems found yet. I deleted nspluginwrapper and pullin-flash-player for the time being.

There seem to several threads on this topic now
FYI: imagebam file upload only works in Basic mode.

Works in Multimode here on FF5, crashed once in Chrome14 Dev then retried and was fine.

There maybe other threads but this is the one I saw 1st. I installed it the way phanisvara did while I didn’t get the control settings in the Configure Setting menu, that’s OK everything else works & works well. In the interim I still get them on a rclick in a flash vid.
When 12.1 comes out maybe the whole of flash 11 will be out. If this is an example I could get to like flash,maybe.

I copied them over, too, but while the control for Adobe Flash Player is appearing in System Settings (under Lost and Found), it doesn’t work. Clicking on it opens a window with the message "Could not find plugin ‘Adobe Flash Player’ for application 'systemsettings’Library “kcm_adobe_flashplayer” not found. Hulu works in Firefox, but Konqueror tells me I need to install Adobe Flash Player. Is there anything else I should have done besides copy the files?

Go to the settings in Konqueror and have it scan for plugins

Thanks. Konqueror found the plugin, but it turns out that the new 64 bit crashes nspluginviewer. The old flash squared version didn’t have that problem. Someone else already posted about it in the Applications forum. I did, however, manage to figure out that I could have the old version of in a separate directory and tell Konqueror to look there while retaining the new version in the normal place for my other browsers.

As noted previous, there is more than one thread on this subject. In an effort to assist in tying these threads together, without merging, I note one of the other threads is here:

In fact, as far as I tested, it works (well) with FireFox 5 (and 6), konqueror, rekonq. Of course I only have in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins to decode flash.
Moreover when copying flashpl*.gz content I used lib64 instead of lib, but that is completely uncorrelated with functioning, I just reported it for info sake.

I used lib64 instead of lib
I figured that out too

I followed the instructions to the letter (a few times over) and still I cannot get flash running on firefox (in SUSE 11.4 64 bit). After trying again today (on a fresh install of SUSE 11.4), I decided to ask for help.

(Went to this thread since the one quoted above seems to be restricted)

My system:
Firefox 5.0 for openSUSE 11.4
SUSE release 11.4 kernel
GNOME 2.32.1
computer Dell e4200
Flash is shockwave 11.0 d1 (obtained from

Any ideas?


I replied in the other thread you asked the same thing in!

We have the files prepackaged in rpm format. Add the following repo using zypper or Yast:

Index of /repositories/home:/Grieff/openSUSE_11.4

Files to install

  1. flash-player-

For users with KDE4, ensure that you also install

  1. flash-player-kde4-

Remember to have fun!


Alternatively if you cannot obtain root on your system or would prefer not to, Download plug-in for Linux 64-bit (TAR.GZ 6.7 MB) from Adobe Labs Download Adobe Flash Player 11 Beta for Desktops - Adobe Labs
and then extract the file into ~/.mozilla/plugins/


I’m glad that Adobe has finally entered beta. Hopefully, we will see a final release by the end of this year.
It’s only taken 2 years +…

Using the 64bit version from the Grieff repo, working great, feels a bit smoother, quicker, but that could be me being slower than before :smiley: