Adobe Flash Crashes After Opensuse Update

I am trying to play games on facebook and websites but after I patched opensuse with the last patch the other day I am now getting extreme flash crashes. Game will work for 10 seconds then crash. Please help me fix this. Dont know if I need to uninstall google chrome and flash player and reinstall but I think its related to the patch so maybe I can revert patch?

See if anything informative is in your system logs. So, for instance immediately after any event you can view the last 100 entries with the following

journalctl -n 100

There’s a remote chance that an upgrade might have included a kernel upgrade or otherwise changed your video driver.
What happened with your most recent upgrade? If your kernel was upgraded, by default your older kernel was kept and can be selected in your Grub menu (during boot) by selecting “Advanced”

I doubt that your Flash should be affected by a distro update… You say you are using Chrome which is not from openSUSE, and you are running Adobe Flash in your web browser which is typically implemented as a web browser plugin, which makes your running Flash twice removed from the operating system. But, maybe your games aren’t running in a web browser but instantiate a standalone Flash application?

I recommend you test your Flash at the official Adobe test page

You’ll also notice that in the navigation pane in the right margin, there are links to Flash content.
I’d recommend you try running some of the content in the right margin to see if your problems are specific to the games you’re running or some type of Flash content.