A Question about a serious problem:

After the repair of an installation from CD SUSE Ver 11.1 32 Bit i was no longer able to login as root.

Could someone recommend me a method to get back administrative rights?

When installing the system from CD the root password, that is now unknown to me is remembered by YaST, so i have no chance to change it during the installation procedure caused by a conflict with an existing user.

Another question comes up: Is the reason of the PW change the repaired installation (standard root PW or was i hacked by anonymus) how can i find the answer?

Looking forward for help.

digital brain

openSUSE 11.1 is no longer supported…are you, perhaps asking about
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 1 ??

otherwise there are about a million articles in these and other linux
forums on how to recover/change a forgotten root password…google
should be very helpful, like:

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A suggestion to solve the problem could be:

boot the system with an installation CD, during the installation you are able to configure User Settings. Choose the checkbox “use this password for system administrator” to set a new root password.

Alternative if you don’t want to reinstall your system you can follow a procedure described by M. Kofler in his book “Linux , Addison-Wesley” root password vergessen":
Boot the system with an installation CD, create a mountpoint and mount the the root partition of your system. Then edit the files /etc/passwd resp. /etc/shadow by deleteing the password. After a boot you should be able to define a new root password.