Adjusting the Screen Brightness on Xfce

The Brightness of the Screen of this Lenovo Thinkpad W520 can be raised and lowered through the Fn + Start (Up) and End (Down) keys.

But when I do that a panel appears that shows a bar graph becoming longer or shorter without the brightness of the screen actually changing.

On some Linux distros (i.e Manjaro, for which Xfce is the default DE) this control can be used to change the screens brightness. Is there a way to accomplish this on openSUSE Leap 14.1 Xfce? (Otherwise, I have found this to be an unusually solid and useful distro - although I also wish more software repositories were available).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

You can use the power-manager-settings in xfce.
When it is in the system tray, there is a slider
for the screen brightness. It works here on my
old amd athlon x_64 laptop.

though I also wish more software repositories were available.

If you meant additional xfce repositories, try this:

Strangely enough, after opening the power-manager-settings, the Fn + Start & End key combination began to function, without actually changing any setting.

Those look good, but any additional community / user repositories (like Arch’s AUR) would be good. (The AUR had a build for PaleMoon that has worked well in Manjaro Xfce).

I already have number of web browsers installed on openSUSE Leap 14.1 Xfce that are working well too, though. Thanks for the tips.