Adjusting Rez with Nvidia Drivers

I just did a fresh install of opensuse11, and installed the recommended nvidia packages through yast. nvidia-xconfic, it all seems to be working. I even have the nvidia splash screen when x starts. but the resolution is stuck at 1280x1024, and i have a 1680x1050 screen. When i use nvidia-settings, and apply the 1680x1050 resolution the resolution is corrected but the desktop and task bar are cut off by a 4:3 box that is probably the 1280x1024 box.the rest of the screen is usable as windows can be dragged and left visible in that space.

im sure it has a lot to do with this… saving to x configuration file gives me an error. cannot delete old xorg.conf.backup, so i tried to delete it manually, and then it said could not create new backup.

any ideas?

(right now since the resolution is off, the time is off the end of the screen, and the task bar is split in half, top half on bottom, bottom half cycling back on the top of my screen haha)

I think you need to go to Yast and set up your monitor.

It may be that it’s LCD
so select LCD
then find the res you want


i tried to do the one click set up, which i didn’t do last time, and it automatically got everything right. (although you were right, before i did the one click, the sax2 said my lcd was 1280x1024, but now it says 1680x1050.

Thank you for your help