Adjusting font sizes for YaST2 displays

A clarification attempt was discussed for the topic “Yast2 fonts too small” for a while.
I would like to check again how good desirable font sizes can be selected for YaST2 applications.
:\ Are you looking for further improvements in the corresponding graphical user interfaces?

If I understand this correctly, yast2 fonts can be adjusted.
I am using the yast2 qt and resizing the fonts using qt5ct as root make yast2 fonts adjusted to what size of fonts I selected in qt5ct.

The QT version of YaST2 has a file ~/.config/Trolltech.conf that specifies font size and family.

The application “Qt5 Configuration Tool 1.5” presented the information “Arial 12” on the tab “Fonts” for the fields “General” and “Fixed width” in my test system.
Are such specifications really sufficient for desirable display “effects”?
Are more settings relevant for the actually displayed font sizes?

Arial is not an appropriate selection for fixed width fonts, unless there is a variety of Arial that is fixed width aka monospaced that I never became aware of. Fixed width is monospace, all characters same width. Arial is M$'s original default proportionally spaced sans-serif font.

:\ I would expect that an appropriate font selection would be configured by default.

Who decides “appropriate”? You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Most upstreams apparently believe smaller is better, which translated means that the people who need bigger the most are most likely to have trouble managing to get it. There’s rarely a situation where those wanting smaller have significant difficulty managing to get it.


  • I imagine that the selection for fixed-width fonts can be improved further (for example).
    Can font properties be filtered accordingly?
  • The user preferences can evolve also for font sizes according to some factors.

Yast2 runs as root, and uses root’s system settings, which are not necessarily the same as the system settings of the user who invoked yast2. You need to run systemsettings as root and then set the font size. Note that you need to be real root to do this. Running ssytemsettings from an su session in a terminal won’t work.

If you’re using a window manager that does it (for example KDE), create a terminal session as root and run systemsettings from that. Otherwise you may need to log in to your machine as root.